December 9, 2016

Lose Me NOT! – Personalized

Lose Me NOT!
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Lose Me NOT! – Personalized

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You and your child’s hand-painted faces incorporated into many of the book’s illustrations along with personalized text.  See description below for more details.

Book Description

Over 2000 U.S. children become lost every day.  Ninety percent of families will experience losing a child in a public place.  Twenty percent have lost a child more than once.  Ninety-five percent of children will never forget the trauma of getting lost.  Will your child know what to do if they find themselves separated from their family?  Predators are everywhere; equip your children with the necessary information so they are prepared to protect themselves.

Because you cannot watch your child every second of every day, Lose Me NOT! provides your child with the tools to safely and appropriately handle the crisis of being lost.  Lose Me NOT! helps children commit vital information to memory such as their address, your phone number, where to go for help, who to trust, etc.  This book is a part of our child safety series which imparts critical practices and procedures in a fun, but effective, learning format.  While there is no perfect response or reaction to the multitude of dangerous situations that a child could encounter, our child safety series instills fundamental coping skills which will properly empower them.  These books were created to permanently instill behavior that could help your child avoid emotionally disturbing, or even life threatening, situations.

Our children’s safety books is a revolutionary educational tool with personalized text and hand-painted illustrations of you and your child; make each of you a part of the story.  The concept was developed over time with the purpose of finding the most effective way of teaching children how to protect themselves and remain safe during childhood’s most formative and vulnerable years.  The personalized text and illustrations will reinforce vital instructions and guidance to hopefully prevent children from becoming lost, abducted or bullied.

These books address a different safety issue to provide children with the tools to handle the particular crisis appropriately.  Raquel Duval transforms you and your child’s pictures into hand-painted works of art which beautifully personalize the stories and enhance the learning experience.  The fully customized version portrays your child as the central character in the illustrations with their personal information (e.g. child’s first name, gender, favorite activity, secret family password, trusted relative, a friend’s name, a dedication) being incorporated into the text of the stories.  By personalizing the illustrations and text, children are able to envision themselves in each scenario.  This will increase their understanding and, most importantly, their ability to recall the critical information that was conveyed if faced with one of these fearful and dangerous situations.

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