December 8, 2016

Bully Me NOT!

Bully Me NOT!
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Bully Me NOT!

$3.99   –   25 pages

Book Description

Nearly eighty percent of students are bullied mentally, verbally and physically. 1 in 5 students admit to being a bully or doing some bullying. Each day 160,000 students miss school for fear of being bullied. Many parents do not realize their children are being bullied because the kids are ashamed of what is happening to them. Children do not understand the aggressive behavior and most believe they are in some way responsible for the bully’s actions.

Because you cannot protect your child every second of every day, Bully Me NOT! provides your child with the tools to cope with the potential trauma of being bullied. Bully Me NOT! helps children understand some of the psychological factors which manifest the aggressive behavior and how to respond appropriately. While there is no perfect response or reaction to the multitude of dangerous situations that a child could encounter, our Child Safety Series instills fundamental coping skills which will empower them.

Our child safety books in the NOT! Series have been illustrated and written to delight and educate early readers. They are fun children’s picture books that provide real-world child safety tips.